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At Oasis Olives we produce gold medal extra virgin olive oils to meet the needs of our customers, from top-end restaurants and boutique specialist stores to large-scale bottlers. We are a family business that focuses on long term relationships.

Our Olive Oil


Our commitment to quality does not just mean we produce award-winning oils, but also that we ensure you get the style and quantity of oil that you want.


We also value long-term relationships with our customers, looking for partnerships rather than one-off transactions.


We work hard to ensure our environmental footprint is low. From solar-powered mills and irrigation to the recycling of processing by-products (and the nutrients it contains) by spreading it through the grove.


Our oil has been recognised and awarded around the globe

Our olive oil

Making great olive oil needs a suitable location, the right trees and careful processing. We believe that we have these three ingredients and we have the awards to prove it.

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About us

Our team comes has decades of olive experience from across the globe as well as strong local farming backgrounds.

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Our Farms

Learn about our three farms, our varieties of olives and why the southeast of Australia has the perfect climate for olives.

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